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Tim on the farm

Tim spent almost two decades building his business in downtown San Diego at the Jeweler’s Exchange. His longing for the country, living in nature and creating a lifestyle of sustainability led him and his wife to search for something more.

In 2018, they bought a 14-acre property in the avocado groves of North County San Diego. Suddenly, they became stewards of land and custodians of hundreds of avocado trees, fruit trees, gardens, chickens and ducks. They are constantly caring for the little farm and finding inspiration in the quiet, panoramic vista of Palomar Mountain to the east and ocean views to the west.

It’s at this rural paradise where Tim creates magic in his 3,000-square-foot workshop. Consisting of a jewelry studio, welding shop, metal fabrication, pottery studio, kilns and woodworking, the workshop is a dream studio for a creator like Tim.

Tim's workshop

“There’s a Buddhist precept of right occupation,” Tim says. “Somehow, caring for land in a responsible way, growing food while building soil and sequestering carbon while I burn things to make my metal art seems like a balance to me.”

Because we specialize in custom fine jewelry and only stock fashion jewelry, we feel safe with a rural jewelry studio knowing that there’s very little inventory at any given time.

Jewelry visits to the studio are by appointment and typically clients leave with a gift bag of fresh fruit – everything from avocados to oranges, grapefruit, apples, pears, persimmons, figs, pomegranates, and apricots. Thankfully, in Southern California, something is always in season.

Fresh farm grown avocados