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Bridal and fine jewelry

Over 20+ years and many thousands of custom pieces, this is just a small sample of jewelry where either we took the time for a decent picture, or that I really like the piece even if the photo leaves something to be desired. Apart from the pictures on the site that my brother the professional photographer took, many pictures are cell phone snaps just to keep a record. Hopefully these pictures offer a glimpse into the breadth of styles that can be made given some direction.

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Fashion and fine art

As an art student in Jewelry design, I wished society would look at men’s accessories more critically. Our tribal ancestors took great care to demonstrate their prowess in hunting and skills as warriors with how they decorated their bodies and the tools they carried. Much of my aesthetic in fashion jewelry is a yearning for a new age where men could be bold in their accessories, decorate themselves and really express their personality outwardly with jewelry.

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