Meet Tim

Tim at the bench

Timothy is a nationally recognized, award-winning designer. He has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of jewelry design, fabrication and metalsmithing. He works in fine jewelry, designer engagement rings, wedding bands, men's jewelry, and custom pieces.

Born in Holland, Michigan, Tim fell in love with rocks and found his calling early on. As an 8-year-old, he was the youngest member of the Holland Michigan Gem and Mineral Society. Dorky, 12-year-old Tim attended the Science Geology program at Northern Michigan University.

Unlike most teenagers, he spent his youth looking for agates along the shores of the Great Lakes. “Some of my earliest memories are walking beaches with my mom looking for Petoskey stones, Lake Superior agates, and greenstones that I still use as rough to cut gemstones with today,” he says. Those early experiences instilled a wonder and appreciation of the natural world as an artistic palate that continues today.  

Tim collecting gems by lake as a child

Tim went on to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry and Ceramics from the University of Michigan. After graduation, he was lucky enough to train with some of the most talented artisans across the world.

In 2003, he opened Timothy Meier Design, Inc. and quickly moved the business into the Jeweler’s Exchange Building in the heart of San Diego’s downtown jewelry district.

JCK Magazine named Timothy a “Rising Star,” one of the jewelry industry’s most esteemed distinctions, for his line of men’s jewelry. His extraordinary masculine pieces feature handmade chains, cufflinks, rings, bracelets and belts made with gold, silver and stainless steel.

Tim’s appreciation for traveling, immersing in culture, his love of the earth and his passion for science inspire his philosophy on life and in design. Our innate, primal yearning for ritual and decoration can be felt in his creations.

As a perfectionist, he performs each step of the jewelry design and fabrication process himself: from the initial drawing to mixing his own precious metal alloys to the final gemstone setting.

As an artist, he loves expanding his mind and art. He is also a ceramicist, a jewelry designer, an ornamental ironworker. Long story short, he loves fire and metal.

An avid ocean lover, Tim can often be found night-diving for lobsters off the coast of San Diego waters or spear fishing underwater for sea bass or tuna. He still hounds for rocks and now operates his business out of his dream workshop on a serene rural 14-acre mountaintop.

Tim’s excellent customer service reflects the values he lives by, and he is consistently voted the best jeweler in San Diego by San Diego Downtown Magazine, and has a 5-star Yelp rating. His stellar reputation was earned through fairness, quality, and the ease through which he’s able to communicate designs in drawings.

The quality of his work speaks to his commitment, dedication, and love for the craft. He’s an intellect, a perfectionist and one of the kindest humans you’ll ever meet. 

He is your family jeweler, a designer for the stars and a problem solver for other jewelers. If you can imagine it, he can bring it to life.