The 4 c’s and what you should care about

GIA Diamond Buying Guide

First understand the industry standard and then learn how to get the best bang for your buck.

Gaming the system/ human frailty.
The charts the industry uses have arbitrary price breaks. Each of the 4 C’s gets more expensive as they change… Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut are all priced on a spectrum. My job is to show you the arbitrary breaks that don’t actually ad sparkle you can see and get the least expensive and still really nice stone.

Other gemstones for engagement rings: durability.

Plenty of engagement rings throughout history have been made with colored stones. For most people, sticking with Diamond and sapphire with the man-made addition of moissanite will make a ring that will look good for a lifetime and beyond. Thankfully Sapphire and Diamond are available in a rainbow of colors that allow your forever ring to actually last forever.