Why custom

Jewelry is personal. Wedding jewelry especially is a unique physical object in that it is often generational and becomes an heirloom. So making pieces is not just something that you treasure, it’s something that has the potential to shape the narrative of your family for generations. Americans often put a lot of thought into how much money to spend and that’s the good marketing of DeBeers at work. I think the more important question is what story do you want to tell?

Good wedding jewelry has a three fold significance… From across the room it says that you’re engaged or married depending on the finger you are wearing it on.  From closer up it speaks to your social status and personal style… This is a conversation you are always having with strangers and their judgement… Then, things get interesting… there’s an opportunity to add significance to the tiny details… You can add grape leaves if you love wine together, a favorite flower from the trip where you “knew” they were the one.  You can add a family crest or an homage to your cultural roots. I’ve pulled iconography from cathedrals in Europe, ancient stone walls in Zimbabwe. Weavings from Namibia, a grave marker in celtic Ireland from a family clan… Each of our origin stories is unique, and merging two humans is merging the lines of two diverse cultural stories. The details you choose to add into your ring and the story you tell about them can be something that outlives you. Repurposing jewels from grandparents and great grandparents is one of the greatest honors of being a jeweler, and I can only hope that 100 years from now, someone will be looking at a ring that I made and carefully restoring it for some future generation.