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The Passion

Metal is a medium that knows no bounds. It can be formed into giant skyscrapers, rolled paper thin and applied to surfaces with glue, or melted and poured into any shape imaginable. It is the latter process that consumes my dreams.

Human beings have been shaping metal for at least 4000 years. How does one really make a valuable addition to 4000 years of human innovation?

Recently, a whole realm of possibility has opened itself to me in the form of CAD CAM technology. Stone settings, and geometric shapes can be made with precision that my own two hands are incapable of producing. For the past 3000 years, jewelers have been using an almost identical procedure for fabricating jewelry. The past 5 years has seen a quantum leap in what is possible. I am honored to be among the first to utilize modern means to achieve ancient magic. Metal smiths are the ones who create the real objects for posterity. If our society fails, it is the gold that will be left in the ground for future generations to unearth. It is my ultimate goal that the things that I create would leave a future generation in awe.


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