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The strength of bones is dictated by the engineering that human beings are unable to replicate. Perfectly adapted to their application. What would be the simplest , most effective way to wrap a finger in metal? What is the most comfortable and appealing necklace that is possible to make? Seashells are formed in a perfect spiral unbeknownst to the mollusk that is forming it one layer of calcium carbonate at a time.

The perfection of inadvertent engineering is lost on the modern human. Primitive man understood natural lines. The teepee is the most logical way to build a dwelling when you have leather and wood, and that is all that you have. A wigwam on the Mississippi delta would withstand 100mph wind and that was 500 years ago, and now we are decimated by a hurricane. Mankind has lost touch with the origins of their organic thinking.

We are surrounded by square forms, and concrete. The elegance of the curve in a seedling sprouting from the earth is no longer a familiar form in the collective consciousness of western man. Jewelry now emulated man's other achievements. the wheel, the parallelogram, the triangle. None of these are found in nature. We buy meat in grocery stores, we eat plants that are washed of dirt, our diets are unwrapped from cardboard and tin cans. We have lost our connection to the natural world in a real meaningful way.

I am a mammal, a hunter, a hairless monkey that is struggling to find god in the constant search for the most pleasing form. What shape will be accessible for man on every continent, at every point in history? It is not a period in art that gives me pause and humbles me by thoughts of my existence, but the enormity of the ocean, and the perfection of waves. It is the glow of a sunset and the rise of the moon. A lotus flower is symmetrical, and it does no know why. What does it mean that I am able to contemplate that? Why have I been granted the gift of expression?

Success is of course futile, and yet I am unable to stop the search for that which is impossible. Bamboo is stronger than steel, and a seashell will remain more magical than one of my pieces, but the yearning is where you find your soul.

"Artistic inspiration. The genesis of an idea to something in three dimensions is what keeps me going. It's all about getting people in touch with the primal human urge to make one's self more attractive by decoration. I'm just caught up in the concept that jewelry is culturally universal, and accessible to people on every continent. "


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