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Timothy Meier Chains:
Live in them! These chains are intended to be worn daily. Whether under your button down, or over your t-shirt, you will be noticed in a Timothy Meier Chain. Order them 2ā? longer than your collar measurement for a choker, or longer if you prefer. 

Timothy Meierā"¢ Chains are all cast Sterling silver. Each link is individually molded, then cast and polished before being assembled and finished. It requires between 20 and 30 hours of labor from a skilled jeweler to complete just one chain.

This link is a study of form and movement. Each link is offset 90ā?T to the next, and although all of the links are identical, they play tricks on your mind. The goal is . . .

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All of my forms are a discussion in the definition of space. I like to think that my carved forms are something that would spontaneously happen in nature. Each individual piece is . . .

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Giant Diamond
A giant version of the Diamond chain. This link is a study of form and movement...

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Large Vertebrae
With Vertebrae being my best selling design, I decided that a larger version was in order. What a change a little scale can make! Not only does this piece . . .

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Navette Chain
A 2007 creation! This chain has an innovative clasping mechanism...

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This little shape started it all. I was making a pair of drop earrings. This was the drop. There was a hole in the bottom for a stone, and then it dawned on me as I was injecting waxes into this mold that if I drilled . . .

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Inspired by the human form. Hand sculpted out of Sterling Silver...

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Sadly, This piece was an inspiration from a drunken night during Marti Gras. Staring down at my chest after a few too many rum drinks, I noticed my beads, and had a foggy . . .

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This is the genesis of a number of ideas. Bones have a repulsive/ alluring charm. Whether you are a hard line creationist, or a Darwinian scholar, there is no argument over the miracle of the engineering behind bones. On a trip to West Africa . . .

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