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Engagement Rings:
Although Timothy Meier designs custom engagement rings to the specifications of clients, he is always searching for new vision and different ways to make the most important piece of jewelry in one of the most significant timesā?"engagements. These rings are the product of Timothy's contemplation and inspiration, not with any client in mind. In a world of a million engagement rings, Timothy has managed to break out and reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

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This ring is a scaled up version of Timā?Ts signature ring. Shown here without paveā?T on the band, this platinum setting really showcases this 3.48 carat HVS1 diamond.

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Ds Engagement
This ring came to me in a dream a few years ago... I just found the drawing recently. Truly form meets function this ring is

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ES Engagement Rings w/ Wedding Bands
How does one make a 4 carat ideal cut diamond shine? Surround it with two wedding bands, and another 2.5 carats of the finest melee available...

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KA Engagement
Simple and Elegantā?¦ A classic solitaire...

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Lo Engagement
Princess cut center stone surrounded by match pair of trilliant cut diamonds.

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Micro Pave Engagement
This is the flagship for the signature collection. Other designs are pending, but this one has been

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Va Engagement
This delicate platinum trellis setting holds a 1.29 carat HVS diamond and matching quarter carat side stones. The design is

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Y2 Engagement
To see the cad model...

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