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The Stainless Series Timothy Meier Design:
Dedicated to the finest in jewelry for men. Stainless Steel is a superior jewelry metal for durability and cost. It withstands abuse much better than gold or platinum at a fraction of the price. These rings are turned from stock by hand on a 1946 machine lathe that we rebuilt ourselves, making each ring unique and distinctive. Some have even been used as wedding bands. Timothy Meier inspects and stamps each ring. They are available in even sizes 9-12.

3-3-3 Mokume
So we‚?Tre not too creative with the names of some of our product‚?¶

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Concave Resonance
The edges of this ring have concave channels...

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Diamond Mokume
This pattern in Silver and Copper requires a steady hand, and patience to create...

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Bladesmiths used patterns similar to the edge of this ring to sign their work, and actually pay homage to their masters for posterity...

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Fat Mokume
This ring is mostly mokume gane. There is very little steel. The soft metal pattern...

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Flat Resonance
The more aggressive version of the resonance series. The process for all of these rings is the same...

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Random Mokume
The Random pattern is Copper, Silver and Shakudo (A Japanese copper-gold alloy)...

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Rolled Edge Resonance
The texture is permanent, and moves with the light. One man can make about 4 of these rings daily...

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Silver and Steel
What is there to say. A steel ring protects the silver inlay and the ring has a great two tone effect...

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Twin Silver Inlay
Exactly as it sounds‚?¶ 2 bands of sterling silver are inlaid into the stainless‚?¶

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