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Caring for Timothy Meier Men's Jewelry

Little care is required for your fine Timothy Meier silver jewelry. To assume the natural aged look, simply wear the piece daily, as it was made for both professional and casual environments.

All Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish if left in the open air. Heat, the sun, and certain chemicals* can speed this process. If your Timothy Meier Silver jewelry turns completely black, the best way to make it look new is to use a green kitchen scrub (Like Scotch Brite ™), and scrub the piece. This will relieve the highlights, and give it its distinctive two-tone appearance. A quick once-over with a polishing cloth after that will brighten it up as well.

*Photographic developing chemicals, as well as natural sulfur hot springs will turn silver black instantly.

Care of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones:

While Timothy Meier jewelry is of the utmost quality available, annual care and inspection by a professional jeweler is highly recommended. Over time, prong settings can thin, and risk stone loss.

While Timothy Meier Inc. will clean and inspect any fine jewelry directly purchased from the San Diego store for free, any jeweler worth talking to will do the same. Don't risk stone loss by neglecting your jewelry until it's too late. A good setting should last between 5 and 20 years without service. This varies with individual levels of use and abuse. If you have it looked at every year, you will be protecting your investment, and keeping your purchase looking it's best. Plus it's free!

Note: There is enough on this subject to fill volumes of books. Many gemstones have sensitivities to certain chemicals. Be especially careful of Pearls, Emeralds, and Opal .

For most simple jewelry cleaning, a solution of Alkaline cleanser, and water with a clean toothbrush is best. Mr Clean™ multi-purpose and water is a good choice, although any household cleaner that is basic will work. Any jewelry dip cleaner is perfectly fine as well. If your jewelry is especially dirty, let it soak for an hour or two and then scrub with the clean toothbrush. Rinse with clean water.

For polishing, use a polishing cloth. These are available at most jewelry stores for a few dollars. For a few dollars more, you can get a professional polish, but only do this every few years.

Signs that your jewelry is due for service:

While the following should not happen often with Timothy Meier Fine jewelry, pay attention to these guidelines. All of these are easy to remedy, but can be quite expensive if you let them go.

•  If you can't remember the last time a professional looked at your diamond or gemstone jewelry.
•  If you can hear your diamond or gemstone in your setting, (It clicks when you tap it.)
•  If your stone can spin in it's setting
•  If you can see that you are missing a prong
•  If your ring is no longer round, and resembles a kidney bean.
•  If your ring is too tight or loose. A sizing is a very simple operation.


Toothpaste! This is abrasive, removes metal, and leaves a dull finish.
If you have a home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, keep your emeralds, and opals out of it.

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